Open issues – Road map for further activities in Risk Management

Published under Risk Management

After discussions with various experts in the relevant field (e.g. experts of the Working Group on Risk Management / Risk Assessment, other external experts) and evaluation of relevant literature [RM-Article], [ISO 13335-2], [Ricciuto], some open problems and needs in the area of Risk Management have been identified:

The problems and needs identified are addressed in detail here. Besides the set of actions to address them, drivers to help readers better understand the importance of the identified activities are also given. Some of the detailed points of each activity have been formulated as questions in order to underline the related problems.

The priority of the identified problems and needs is expressed by means of a generic time window divided into short, medium and long term periods of action. A short term period of action is assumed to be 1 year, a medium term is 1-2 years and long term 2-3 years. The shorter its term, the higher the priority assigned to a certain open issue and its corresponding activities.

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