The immense gaps in cybersecurity skills indicates a new pathway for ENISA to support a systemic approach on cybersecurity in education.


Through several long-term activities, ENISA aims to facilitate information exchange and the upskilling of professionals and young talents.

ENISA actively encourages youth to hone their cyber skills at events such as the annual European Cybersecurity Challenge, run by the Agency, which brings together teams of young career-oriented cyber talents from across Europe to network and compete in the hottest current challenges to European digital security.

A prime networking event for governments and businesses alike, the topics for team-based competitions have included Mobile Security, Cryptography, Reverse Engineering and Digital Forensics. A first-ever international version of such an event, a cyber world cup, is to be held in Athens in 2022.

Similarly, the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework project, overseen by ENISA, aims to bring together top experts and talent to create a real-time common knowledge base to address the shortage in cybersecurity skills.

The Cybersecurity Higher Education Database (CyberHEAD), powered by ENISA, is the largest validated cybersecurity higher education database in the EU and EFTA countries. It is used to match the prospects of talented youth with universities offering state-of-the-art cybersecurity studies.

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