This cooperation in the form of PPPs has evolved in many Member States depending on the environment, culture and legal framework. The need for a European view is demonstrated by the European Public Private Partnership for Resilience (EP3R) that is engaging with National PPPs to address Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) issues at European level.

Recognizing the importance of such cooperation, ENISA has conducted a Study in order to collect from the experiences of existing PPPs and to identify best practices to support those countries who are establishing a well-formed partnership for the first time or are experiencing barriers and looking for an advice.

ENISA has published a Good Practice Guide to help stakeholders to easily choose those aspects that will add value to their endeavours in setting up and running PPPs. The Guide identifies a list of issues which existing PPPs have addressed and the Good Practice observed in addressing these issues. To this end, 36 recommendations are included in the Guide on how to build successfully Public Private Partnerships for resilient IT security.

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