Contributing to building well prepared and tested capabilities with the appropriate capacity to deal with the evolving threat environment across the EU.

Training and Exercises

ENISA has a long history of providing training and organising exercises in the areas of cybersecurity and crisis management. There is a very nice parallel to be found in training a sports team or a music band. You train as an individual to learn basic skills and knowledge or to focus on mastering specific techniques.

Training (or rehearsing) with team or bandmates allows you to learn how to combine the things you learned individually. Finally, a big exercise is the equivalent of a test match or a try-out performance: trying to see if all the pieces of the puzzle fit together as expected and evaluating whether and where work still needs to be done.

Our target audience is broad so we have to cater for audiences that range from deeply technical to high-level political, while aiming for a maximum impact. A clear impact is important for us since it allows us to determine if we really are contributing to a Europe that is better prepared, but it is also equally important for our participants to know that the efforts they invest by participating in our activities are worthwhile.

You will be able to find out more about our Training and Exercise Strategies and get more information on individual sub-sections of Training and Exercises by following the links on this page.

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