Trainings for Cybersecurity Specialists

ENISA CSIRTs TrainingENISA’s Cybersecurity Training material was introduced in 2008, and has grown continuously ever since. This training content comprises of essential material to develop skills in the Incident Responders community and in the field of Operational Security. In these pages you will find all material needed to organise a successful training like tutorials for teachers, handouts for students and virtual images to support hands-on activities in training sessions.

The ENISA CSIRT training material covers four main areas:  Technical, Operational, Setting up a CSIRT and Legal and Cooperation.

Besides providing training material ENISA organises training courses for and actually trains around 200 cybersecurity specialists per year.

The Train the Trainers programme aims to bring "field experience" of being a trainer to the cybersecurity community. Participants of the programme are taught by highly experienced trainers who are both experts in information security and well versed in the concept of “training” itself.

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