Continuity & Emerging Risks

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Activity 1: Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Are there any European methods on BCP (which)?
Are there any standards on BCP (which)?
Are there any tools on BCP (which)?
Are there any good escalation schemes in BCP?

Answers to the above questions, will enable initial coverage of availability risks at a satisfactory degree of penetration.

Driver: Business Continuity Planning is an integral part of Risk Management when facing continuity and availability risks.

Activity 2: Emerging risks

Emerging risks cope with the identification of risks that might emerge through the use of future applications. As such, Emerging Risks are not based on experience but rather on prediction. To this extend, the generation of good usage and technology scenarios is decisive for the successful prediction of Emerging Risks. Accordingly, in order to elaborate on this area, questions like the ones bellow are fundamental:
Are there existing methods to identify emerging risks (which)?
Are there any suggestions for methods concentrating in emerging risks?
What are possible threat agents (current and future)?
Are there any examples of emerging risk scenarios?
What are those relevant factors ones should examine and take into account in order to prevent emerging risk realization?
Are there any action points one should investigate in order to plan its emerging risk related actions?
Are there any models to specify dependability (assets, threats, and attack scenarios)?
Are there any suggestions to gather, handle and disseminate information regarding emerging risks both internally and externally within different timeframes?

Driver: Emerging risks are an important part of the enhancement of risk preparedness, as identified in ENISA regulation article 13.

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