Inventory of Risk Management / Risk Assessment Methods and Tools

Published under Risk Management

The purpose of this website is to address identified open problems in the area of Risk Management and to provide a road-map for addressing further open issues at a European

This site contributes to solving the following problems:

  • low awareness of Risk Management activities within public and private sector organizations;
  • absence of a “common language” in the area of Risk Management to facilitate communication among stakeholders;
  • lack of surveys on existing methods, tools and good practices.

Further identified open issues/needs in the area of Risk Management/Risk Assessment, such as interoperability of methods and integration with corporate governance, are presented by means of a road-map describing and prioritizing possible future actions to be performed in that area.

Elements of work conducted within the ENISA ad hoc Working Group on technical and policy issues of Risk Assessment and Risk Management have been integrated into this website.


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