Promote targeted R&I of cybersecurity technology and solutions that actually meet the needs and priorities to protect the Union from cyber threats.

R&I Roadmap

ENISA works with the research and innovation community and industry to create and consolidate road maps on new and future trends in cybersecurity.

In 2019, ENISA received a new mandate under the EU Cybersecurity Act, which includes a new role in cybersecurity research and innovation. The regulation states that the agency should seek closer cooperation with universities and research institutions, consult relevant user groups and industry. The goal is to foster collaboration with these stakeholders to build a broader consensus on key cybersecurity trends and current and emerging cybersecurity risks and threats. To this end, ENISA consolidates an overview of existing R&I road maps and maintains an ongoing dialogue with the community and industry through round table discussions and an annual event. This annual event is also an opportunity for members of the R&I Community to come together and discuss challenges and opportunities.

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