ENISA supports and organises cyber exercises.

Cyber Exercises

ENISA has been organising local, international and EU-wide exercises for the past 15 years, developing cyber exercise platforms available to stakeholders so they may host their own exercises.

One of the most public-facing and popular features of ENISA’s cybersecurity work is its Cyber Europe programme. Delayed due to the pandemic and last held in 2018, when over 1000 individuals from EU Member States and cyber continuity and crisis teams from businesses participated, the next Cyber Europe will take place in 2022.

The concept is straightforward, i.e. analyse and seek to repel a cyberattack on a particular sensitive national security sector. In 2022, the European Healthcare Sector will be in the crosshairs of the exercise, incorporating incidents inspired by real life. Crisis management and continuity plans in the private and public Healthcare Sectors will be ‘stress tested’ to the limit.

ENISA’s training and teach-the-teacher programmes help build competences and resilience in the areas of technical and operational security.

  • ENISA runs large-scale, realistic simulations to test the EU’s critical IT security infrastructure and ability to coordinate responses across borders within the Union.
  • The largest of these exercises is Cyber Europe, which brings together top crisis and continuity specialists from the private and public sector and will next be held in 2022.
  • Such stress testing is core to ENISA’s ethos of both training the inexperienced and refreshing the skills of IT personnel already working at the expert, operational level.
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