Supporting integration of data protection safeguards is at the heart of new products and services.

Data Protection

ENISA has been promoting the importance of cybersecurity and the crucial role that technology can play by offering practical tools to protect privacy and support the application of relevant legal provisions.

Since 2004, the Agency has taken an engineering approach to analysing the principles of Privacy-by-design as a fundamental principle for embedding data protection safeguards at the heart of new electronic products and services. In this context, we also study Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) that can support the integration of privacy in systems and services and the technical and organisational measures for security during the processing of personal data.

ENISA is currently focusing its efforts on how to engineer data protection in practice and puts forward analyses, recommendations and relevant use cases on how (cybersecurity) technologies and techniques can support the protection of engineering data and the fulfilment of the GDPR's data protection principles.

The Agency has set up an Ad Hoc Working Group on Data Protection Engineering which aims to support the analysis of available or emerging technologies and techniques on the protection of engineering data.

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