Annual cybersecurity market analyses

In accordance with the ENISA Single Programming Document (SPD) describing the multiannual ENISA work programme, ENISA runs every year a cybersecurity market analysis for a single area.

This area can be related to products, services or process within a sector, a technology, an infrastructure, an application domain, etc.

The area to be analysed for a year N is selected through a process identifying priorities of relevant ENISA stakeholders (i.e. ENISA National Liaison Officers, ENISA Advisory Group, ENISA Ad Hoc Working Groups, ENISA Units and Teams, etc.). The process of prioritizing an area for the year N is performed around the end of year N-1. Once an area has been identified, it is approved by the ENISA Management Team.

During the first two years (2021 and 2022) of ENISA activities in the area of cybersecurity market analysis, the areas of IoT in Distribution Grid and Cloud Cybersecurity have been analysed.

The report on EU Cybersecurity Market Analysis - IoT in Distribution Grid is available under publications..

The report on Cloud Cybersecurity will be concluded around the end of 2022 and expected be published in Q1 2023.

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