ENISA aims to raise cybersecurity awareness and promote behavioural change

Awareness Raising

Building on ENISA’s mission for a trusted and cyber secure Europe, the Agency is running awareness raising campaigns to promote cybersecurity good practices and eventually achieve behavioural and cultural change. With a fully-fledged portfolio ENISA organises numerous thematic campaigns in collaboration with public and private sector stakeholders who act as multipliers to achieve greater outreach.

Through its awareness campaigns, ENISA aims to disseminate and promote its work in specific cybersecurity fields but also to educate stakeholders and the public on the regulatory developments and the latest technical know-how.

ENISA’s awareness activities are also supporting greater causes with the eventual aim of creating a diverse and resilient ecosystem.

#NoMoreRansom campaign

ENISA celebrated the 4 years anniversary of the #NoMoreRandom initiative by joining forces with Europol and presenting a series of #CyberDialogues on common ransomware attack scenarios. 

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#Netiquette campaign

ENISA has released four  posters as part of our educational campaign (#Netiquette) for all EU citizens interested in a secure and safe digital life:

Cyber Education

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