7 February 2013, Brussels - A free and open Internet is at the heart of the new Cyber Security Strategy by the European Union High Representative Catherine Ashton and the European Commission. The new Communication is the first comprehensive policy document that the European Union has produced in this area. It comprises internal market, justice and home affairs and the foreign policy aspects of cyberspace issues. ENISA has listed all the documents of National Cyber Security Strategies in the EU but also in the world. This information is based on publicly available material. Some of these documents are still under consultation so no official translations in English were produced.

European Union


Austrian Cyber Security Strategy (2013)


Belgian Cyber Security Strategy (2014) (French) (available also in Dutch)


Croatian Cyber Security Strategy (2015)

Czech Republic

Cyber Security Strategy of Czech Republic for the 2011-2015 Period (2011)


Cyber Security Strategy of the Republic of Cyprus (2013)


The Danish Cyber and Information Security Strategy (2015-2016)

Digital Strategy (2016-2020)


Cyber Security Strategy (2014)


Finland's Cyber Security Strategy (2013)


French National Digital Security Strategy (2015)


Ireland's National Cyber Security Strategy 2015-2017


National strategic framework for cyberspace security (2013)


Cyber Security Strategy for Germany (2011)


National Cyber Security Strategy (2013)


Latvia's Cyber Security Strategy (2014)


Programme for the development of electronic information security (cyber security) for 2011-2019 (2011)


National strategy on cyber security (2015)

The Netherlands

The national cyber security strategy (2013)


Cyberspace Protection Policy of the Republic of Poland (2013)


Cyber Security Strategy in Romania (2011)

Slovak Republic

Cyber Security Concept of the Slovak Republic (2015-2020)


Cyber Security Strategy in Slovenia (2016)


The National Security Strategy (2013)

United Kingdom

Cyber Security Strategy of the United Kingdom (2011)

(Scotland : Safe, Secure and Prosperous: A Cyber Resilience Strategy for Scotland 2015)



  • All information presented in this page is based on publicly available material.
  • For the countries in the process of creating a cyber security strategy, either they have contacted us or the information is publicly avaible. For all other countries that there is no indication on the process, we do not acquire information. This doesn't mean that internal activities on the matter are not taking place.
  • Should you require us to make a change and/or update the status of your country, please contact us: resilience@enisa.europa.eu providing us the neceseary proof.

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