National Cybersecurity Strategies

ENISA has been directly supporting EU Member States for more than a decade in developing and implementing guidelines for their respective national cybersecurity strategies in a way to build trust, resilience and sufficient levels of transparency in a domain punctuated by high levels of confidentiality.

Thanks in part to ENISA’s support, all EU Member States have had a concrete national cybersecurity strategy since 2017; many have subsequently updated them.

In 2020, ENISA developed a framework to help the Member States understand their level of maturity by assessing their NCSS objectives, that will help them enhance and build cybersecurity capabilities both at strategic and at operational level.  The framework devided into four clusters; cybersecurity governance and standards, capacity building and awareness, legal and regulatory, and coopertation

ENISA’s efforts have helped foster Member States recognition that cybersecurity innovation must be a top priority and that building on it will be vital to gain and strengthen citizen and stakeholder trust both nationally and internationally in the future.

  • ENISA plays a key inside role in providing guidelines and analysis of cybersecurity strategy implementation among all the EU Member States.
  • The mainly top-down, high-level approach has managed to improve the general public’s trust in national cybersecurity strategies while raising the awareness of strategic innovation and cross-border cooperation as important success components.
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