ENISA supports the prevention, detection and resolution of incidents through a network of Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs).

Incident response

It does so by guiding and advising EU Member States on how to set up and operate a CSIRT or Security Operational Centre (SOC) as well as by increasing cross-border collaboration between computer incident response teams and national law enforcement agencies. The effective incorporation of Open Source CTI and structured cooperation with CERT-EU protects EU institutions.

In its networking role, ENISA is also integral to the cybersecurity platform MeliCERTes which provides trust and confidence building measures between CSIRT teams in EU Member States (over 500 at present) on topical issues such as supply chain attacks.

  • Effective and timely cybersecurity incident response is crucial to gaining and maintaining digital trust throughout Europe. ENISA is at the centre of efforts to actively support, educate and inform the European public and private sectors on the best practices undertaken by CSIRTs in order to mitigate serious cyber-incidents.
  • In addition to publishing guidance and recommendations, ENISA also coordinates the activities of CSIRTs in all the Member States and associated European members.
  • Through the core platform MeliCERTes, ENISA remains well positioned to provide and build on trust and confidence building measures to respond to the next cross-border cyber incident.
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