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CEI List of Individual External Experts to Assist ENISA

Deadline: Aug 08, 2025

ENISA seeks to establish a reserve list of subject matter experts, from which collaborators may be selected to assist the Agency in carrying out the work activities foreseen in the yearly Work Programme and particularly in the following fields:

  • Strategic Objective 01: “Empowered and engaged communities across the cybersecurity ecosystem”

  • Strategic Objective 02: “Cybersecurity as an integral part of EU policies”

  • Strategic Objective 03: “Effective cooperation amongst operational actors within the Union in case of massive cyber incidents”

  • Strategic Objective 04: “Cutting-edge competences and capabilities in cybersecurity across the Union”

  • Strategic Objective 05: “High level of trust in secure digital solutions”

  • Strategic Objective 06: “Foresight on emerging and future cybersecurity challenges”

  • Strategic Objective 07: “Efficient and effective cybersecurity information and knowledge management for Europe”

Please download the "Technical Description" file (below) to learn more details about the requirements of the Agency. ENISA welcomes applications from experts from many sectors, i.e. academia, research, industry, EU institutions, International Organisations etc. The "CEI Application Form" (in excel protected format) is available for download by slecting the red button top right of this page labelled "Apply to this CEI".

IMPORTANT: To be eligible to apply, you must be a citizen or permanent resident of an EU member state or EEA and be able to be remunerated to a bank account in one of these countries. UK applicants cannot be accepted following Brexit. This CEI is open to ‘natural persons’ only. ‘Legal persons’ (companies) cannot apply.

PLEASE NOTE: The CEI List of Individual External Experts is a tool used solely for the purposes of assessing and identifying suitable experts for a potential future contractual working relationship with ENISA. It is emphasised that inclusion in the list does NOT mean that you are considered to be an official representative of ENISA or in any way entitled to represent the Agency.

 It therefore follows, by just being invited onto the ENISA List of Experts, that you are not authorised to speak on behalf of ENISA at public forums or present yourself as an ENISA representative/employee/advisor or expert in any way, shape or form (including on Curriculum Vita, social media etc.).

 Any verified breaches of these restrictions may result in your listing being immediately deleted.


** Due to an ongoing internal technical issue and to ensure that you recieve written confirmation that your application has been received, we ask that you send a SEPARATE email to [email protected] with your name, stating that you have just lodged your application via the CEI specific address.

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