Cybersecurity Healthcare Week

15-19 May is Cybersecurity Healthcare Week 2023!

Welcome to the official page of the Cybersecurity Heathcare Week! Are you ready to boost your cyber defenses? 


Join us for CyberHealthWeek

Healthcare Community, it is time!

It's time for all of us, healthcare professionals and patients, to become aware of new kinds of vitals: Our cybersecurity vitals!

Cybersecurity vitals can be as critical as medical vitals, so we should be able to detect, monitor and manage them. So take a deep breath and join us in this #CyberHealthWeek to get more knowledge on two key topics:

  • Phishing attacks detection
  • Cyber hygiene best practices

Let's boost your cyber vitals!

Campaign materials

Download our campaign materials, available in 6 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Croatian

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