Welcome to the official page of the Cybersecurity Healthcare Week! Are you ready to boost your cyber defenses? 

Cybersecurity Healthcare Week

15-19 May was Cybersecurity Healthcare Week 2023!


Healthcare Community, it is time!

It's time for all of us, healthcare professionals and patients, to become aware of new kinds of vitals: Our cybersecurity vitals!

Cybersecurity vitals can be as critical as medical vitals, so we should be able to detect, monitor and manage them. So take a deep breath and join us in this #CyberHealthWeek to get more knowledge on two key topics:

  • Phishing attacks detection
  • Cyber hygiene best practices

Let's boost your cyber vitals!

Campaign materials

Download our campaign materials, available in 6 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Croatian

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