• Embedded Sim Ecosystem, Security Risks and Measures

    eSIM is the generic term used for the embedded form of a SIM (subscriber identity module) card. Built into the device, the eSIM is hosted on a tiny chip that provide storage for the mobile subscription details in digital format. Like the regular...

    Published on March 09, 2023
  • Cyber Threats Outreach In Telecom - Leaflet

    This leaflet provides basic guidelines for National Authorities and telecom providers on how to inform users about cyber threats.

    Published on March 10, 2022
  • Cyber Threats Outreach In Telecom

    In this paper, we aim to give guidance to national Authorities and providers of electronic communications networks and services regarding how to strike the right balance and carry out efficient and effective outreach to users about cyber threats.

    Published on March 10, 2022
  • Countering SIM-Swapping

    In this study, we give an overview of how SIM-Swapping attacks work, list measures that providers can take to mitigate the attack and make recommendations for policy makers and authorities in the telecom sector and other sectors. Security of...

    Published on December 06, 2021
  • How to Avoid SIM-Swapping - Leaflet

    This leaflet, addresses the SIM-swapping attacks, how to recognise them and how to mitigate the risk connected to this fraud. In fact, subscriber Identity Module (SIM) swapping is a legitimate procedure performed by a customer to change their SIM...

    Published on December 06, 2021
  • Assessment of EU Telecom Security Legislation

    European Union telecom security legislation has been changing over the last few years. In light of these policy changes, ENISA carried out an assessment of the implementation of EU telecom security policy, to inform policy makers in the Commission...

    Published on July 13, 2021
  • Guideline on Security Measures under the EECC

    This document, the Technical Guideline for Security Measures, provides guidance to competent authorities about the technical details of implementing Articles 40 and 41 of the EECC: how to ensure that providers assess risks and take appropriate...

    Published on July 07, 2021
  • 5G Supplement - to the Guideline on Security Measures under the EECC

    This document contains a 5G technology profile which supplements the technology-neutral Guideline on Security Measures under the EECC. The document gives additional guidance to competent national authorities about how to ensure implementation and...

    Published on July 07, 2021
  • Technical Guideline on Incident Reporting under the EECC

    This document describes the formats and procedures for cross border reporting and annual summary reporting under Article 40 of the EECC. Paragraph 2 of Article 40 describes three types of incident reporting: 1) National incident reporting from...

    Published on March 22, 2021
  • Telecom Security During a Pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic not only highlighted the importance of electronic communication networks and services for the EU’s society and economy, but it also triggered major changes and challenges in their use in the EU and worldwide. In this paper, we...

    Published on November 26, 2020
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