How to Avoid SIM-Swapping - Leaflet

This leaflet, addresses the SIM-swapping attacks, how to recognise them and how to mitigate the risk connected to this fraud. In fact, subscriber Identity Module (SIM) swapping is a legitimate procedure performed by a customer to change their SIM card when it is lost or damaged. SIM swapping is also used to connect mobile phones with an embedded SIM (eSIM). However, attackers abuse the providers’ ability to quickly and seamlessly transfer a telephone number to a different SIM. As a result, the attacker takes over the account and can receive all the SMS and voice calls intended for the legitimate subscriber. Fraudsters can so perform online banking frauds but also circumvent the two-factor authentication (2FA) used to secure social media and other online accounts.


This leaflet is published together with a detailed report on:

Countering SIM-Swapping

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