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Tool Identity Card

General information
Basic information to identify the product

Tool name : Resolver*Ballot
Vendor name : Resolver
Country of origin : Canada

Level of reference of the tool
Details about the coverage or the « originators » of the solution

Coverage : World-wide (sector oriented)
Supported by organization, club,... (e.g. as sponsor) : N/A

Brief description of the product
Give a brief description of the product containing general information, overview of functions…

  • Typically used in a small meeting with a board of directors, audit committee, or with department heads, Resolver*Ballot is a group risk assessment application which allows meeting participants to anonymously voice their opinion on the impact and likelihood of risks to their organization.
    As no two risk methodologies are identical Resolver*Ballot can easily be configured to use local language, terminology, and criteria scales. Vote results are displayed onscreen real-time analysis providing rare access to all viewpoints on a topic.

Supported functionality
Specify the functionality this tool provides.

R.A. Method phases supported

  • Risk identification
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk evaluation

Other phases

  • Asset inventory & evaluation

R.M. Method phases supported

  • Risk assessment

Other phases

  • Remediation planning
  • Gap identification
  • Project Management

Other functionality

  • Risk Ranking: For risks that are clustered at one end of the scale, Resolver*Ballot will rank the risks in a sorted list based on pair-wise comparisons. This helps a risk manager distinguish between risks that are all tightly evaluated.
  • Relationship Modeling: Resolver*Ballot will create a visual representation of root cause analysis via a pattern of influence and feedback from the group. The result is a hierarchical tree showing the association of different risks.

Information processed

  • Heatmaps: Resolver*Ballot will generate heatmaps based on risk voting results.
  • Range assignment: Resolver*Ballot will categorize results into ranges defined by the user
  • Voting agreement / disagreement: Resolver*Ballot will anonymously show patterns of agreement in a vote by displaying the standard deviation and a heatmap of vote results. This allows a risk manager to identify which topics the team is in agreement on and which there is disagreement, even if it is not voiced in the room.

Date of the first edition, date and number of actual version

Date of first release : 1995
Date and identification of the last version : Resolver*Ballot 6.0, May 2008

Useful links
Link for further information

Official web site :
user group web site : N/A
Relevant web site :

List the available languages that the tool supports

Languages available : English (Content can be supplied in any language)

Pricing and licensing models
Specify the price for the product (as provided by the company on December 2005)

  • Priced per user (A 5 user license for 3 years is $15,000 CAN)
  • Maintenance fees: Annual license model

Sectors with free availability or discounted price : N/A

Trial before purchase
Details regarding the evaluation period of the tool

CD or download available : N/A
Identification required : N/A
Trial period : N/A

Tool architecture
Specify the technologies used in this tool

  • Standalone application

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Target public
Defines the most appropriate type of communities for this tool

  • Government, agencies
  • Large scale companies
  • SME
  • Commercial CIEs
  • Non commercial CIEs

Specific sector : Any company performing risk assessments

Information concerning the spread of this tool

General information : World-wide in many different organizations
Used inside EU countries : UK, IE, NL, GR
Used outside EU countries : CA, US, JP, CN, NZ

Level of detail
Specify the target kind of people for this tool based on its functionality

Management : Yes
Operational : Yes

Compliance to IT Standards
List the national or international standard this tool is compliant with

  • N/A

Tool helps towards a certification
Specify whether the tool helps the company toward a certification according to a standard

  • Subject to user content

Information about possible training courses for this tool

Course : Resolver*Ballot Training
Duration: 8 hrs
Skills: No prior skills needed
Expenses: $3500

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Users viewpoint

Skills needed
Specify the skills needed to use and maintain the solution

  • To install : Basic
  • To use : Standard
  • To maintain : Standard

Tool Support
Specify the kind of support the company provides for this product

Support : Telephone, Email, Web

Organization processes integration
Describe user roles this tool supports

Supported Roles

  • Risk Manager, Auditor, Management, Department Head, Project Manager

Intergration in Organization activities

  • N/A

Interoperability with other tools
Specify available interfaces or other ways of integration with other tools


  • Export to: MS Excel, Adobe PDF
  • Import from: Resolver*Risk, Resolver*Net

Sector adapted knowledge databases supported
Name and describe the sector adapted databases that this tool provides

  • None provided

Flexibility of tool's database
Can the database be customized and adapted to client requirements?

  • The database is fully configurable by the user.
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