Published under Risk Management

The author would like to thank the following persons for their contribution to the generation of this content:

  • Giuseppe CARDUCCI ARTENISIO, Philippe BOUVIER, Jozsef BREHEL, Alain DE GREVE, Aljosa PASIC, Jeremy WARD, Serge LEBEL, Ingrid SCHAUMULLER-BICHL, Juhani SILLANPAA, Marcel SPRUIT, Lydia TSINTSIFA, who, in their role as members of the ENISA ad hoc Working Group on Technical and Policy Aspects on Risk Assessment and Risk Management, produced valuable input that has been integrated in this documentation as indicated in the text.
  • Giuseppe CARDUCCI ARTENISIO, Evangelos MARKATOS and Olivier PARIDAENS, who, in their role as members of the ENISA Permanent Stakeholder Group (PSG), have delivered valuable comments on the present deliverable.
  • Finally, the ENISA colleagues of the Technical Department, who contributed with their comments to the quality of this content.


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