ENISA and Cyber Security Strategies

In a constantly changing cyber threats environment, EU Member States need to have flexible and dynamic cyber security strategies to meet new, global threats. A national cyber security strategy (NCSS) is a plan of actions designed to improve the security and resilience of national infrastructures and services. It is a high-level top-down approach to cyber security that establishes a range of national objectives and priorities that should be achieved in a specific timeframe. An increasing number of countries in Europe have a National Cyber Security Strategy (NCSS) as a key policy feature, helping them to tackle risks which have the potential to undermine the achievement of economic and social benefits from cyberspace.


ENISA's work on National Cyber Security Strategies:

ENISA’s work in supporting these strategies has focused on the analysis of existing NCSS; on the development and implementation of NCSS; on outlining and raising awareness of good practice to provide guidance and practical tools to the Member States for evaluating their NCSS.


Workshops on National Cyber Security Strategies:


NCSS Interactive Map

Visit our interactive map to see all the national cyber security strategies in Europe and the world.


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