• Cybersecurity of AI and Standardisation

    The overall objective of the present document is to provide an overview of standards (existing, being drafted, under consideration and planned) related to the cybersecurity of artificial intelligence (AI), assess their coverage and identify gaps in...

    Published on March 14, 2023
  • Cybersecurity Challenges in the Uptake of Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous Driving

    This report, drafted jointly by ENISA and JRC, aims to provide insights on the cybersecurity challenges specifically connected to the uptake of AI techniques in autonomous vehicles. It describes the policy context at both the European and...

    Published on February 11, 2021
  • Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity Challenges

    This report presents the Agency's active mapping of the AI cybersecurity ecosystem and its Threat Landscape, realised with the support of the Ad-Hoc Working Group on Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity. The ENISA AI Threat Landscape not only lays...

    Published on December 15, 2020
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