Supporting uniform implementation of Articles 40 and 41 of the European Electronic Communications Code

European Electronic communications Code

In December 2018, a new set of telecom rules called the European Electronic Communications Code (abbreviated to EECC) was published and entered into force. The EECC updates the existing EU telecom package of 2009 and paves the way for the roll out of fibre, very high capacity networks and next generation mobile networks (5G), which will create jobs and growth, enable new application scenarios such as internet of things (IoT) and new business models.

EU countries were obliged to transpose this EU directive into national law by the end of 2020. An important part of the EECC is consumer protection and security of electronic communications. Article 40 of the EECC contains detailed security requirements for electronic communication providers and Article 41 empowers the competent authority with respect to the implementation and enforcement of these requirements.

ENISA supports EU Member States with the implementation of Article 40 to ensure there is an effective, efficient, and harmonised approach to the supervision of security requirements.

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