Cybersecurity Awareness Raising: The ENISA-Do-It-Yourself Toolbox 


AR-in-a-Box is a comprehensive solution for cybersecurity awareness activities designed to meet the needs of public bodies, operators of essential services, and both large and small private companies. It provides theoretical and practical knowledge on how to design and implement effective cybersecurity awareness programmes, including:

  • A guideline on building custom awareness programmes for internal use within an organisation. 
  • A guideline on creating targeted awareness campaigns for external stakeholders. 
  • Instructions on selecting the appropriate tools and channels to effectively reach the target audience. 
  • Instructions on developing Key Performance Indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of a programme or campaign. 
  • A guide for the development of a communication strategy, crucial for achieving awareness objectives. 
  • A guide for the development of internal and external cyber crisis communication plans.
  • An awareness raising quiz to test comprehension and retention of key information. 
  • An awareness raising game provided in different versions and styles, along with a guide on how to play.

    Download the full AR-in-a-Box package:
    AR-in-a-Box v2.0
    Play the online version of the game:
    EU Academy

    With AR-in-a-Box, ENISA equips organisations with the necessary tools and resources to effectively raise cybersecurity awareness within their operations.

    AR-in-a-Box is dynamic and will be regularly updated and enriched.

    For more information about AR-in-a-Box, please contact us at:
    [email protected]

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