Over the past years ENISA has been active in the field of cyber awareness organizing campaigns on numerous themes targeting diverse audiences.

Awareness Campaigns

The flagship campaign of ENISA is the European Cybersecurity Month, the campaign where all MS join forces to a common cause. ENISA keeps enriching its portfolio :

  • European Cybersecurity Month
  • Boost your Cyber Vitals – Healthcare Campaign: The first ever cyber awareness campaign dedicated to the Healthcare sector launched by ENISA educating medical staff on phishing and  giving tips on cyber hygiene.
  • Power Up your Cyber – Energy Campaign: Electricity operators are one of the main targets of cyber attacks; get informed on how to protect your organisation from ransomware and also protect your collaborators to protect you
  • Fuel For Cyber - Gas Sector Campaign: Cooperate with us and raise knowledge around one of the most important cybersecurity threats: Cyber Engineering!
  • CyberAll - Building diversity on cybersecurity is one for the causes ENISA has joined. Through numerous actions i.e. events, dedicated trainings and campaigns ENISA aims to bring gender (and not only) balance in the field.
  • Secure SMEs: Complete portfolio of activities targeting SMEs
  • NoMoreRansom: ENISA supports the cause launched by Europol and organizes activities to prevent ransomware spread
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