Inter-X: Resilience of the Internet Interconnection Ecosystem

The "Inter-X: Resilience of the Internet Interconnection Ecosystem" project at ENISA is interested in the resilience of the system of interconnections between Internet networks.

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The project is interested not only in the actual interconnections, but also in the arrangements, agreements, contracts and incentives that underpin them.  Together all of this is referred to as the ecosystem.

Resilience of a system

The ability of the system to provide and maintain an acceptable level of service in the face of faults and challenges to normal operation.

The resilience of this ecosystem depends on the resilience of the individual components.  The resilience of the ecosystem as a whole, however, depends on the resilience of the sum of those components and their interactions.  Inter-X would refer to the resilience of components of the ecosystem and the resilience of the ecosystem as a whole – i.e., we  are interested in both parts of the puzzle. 

More specifically ENISA:

  • Took stock and qualitatively analyse the state of the resilience of the Interconnection ecosystem, including the barriers and incentives
  • Collected information on existing practices, policies and management approaches with key experts and stakeholders –at an international level;
  • Delivered a final report with the recommendations and a list of good practices

The final report of the 2010 study can be found here.

Some additional information of the project can be found here.

Also, please send us your input to the Inter-X questionnaire which is available here.

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