PSIRT Expertise and Capabilities Development

This study focuses on the Sectoral CSIRT and PSIRT capabilities status and development within the Energy and Health sectors as specified within the NIS directive. A desk research has been conducted, followed by a survey which was answered by 7 PSIRTs and 22 CSIRTs dispatched in 18 EU Member States. The relatively low number of PSIRTs, especially with a scope limited to the Energy and Health sectors, led us to include more CSIRTs, and more sectors in the study. The findings and recommendations still apply to the Energy and Health sectors, but also offer a wider view of the products vulnerability management landscape. As a result, 12 key findings were identified, and 9 recommendations are proposed.

ENISA Report - PSIRT Expertise And Capabilities Development - Health and Energy.pdf

This report follows the publication in December 2020 of the ENISA report Sectoral CSIRT Capabilities - Energy and Air Transport

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