Understanding the importance of the Internet Infrastructure in Europe

Guidelines for enhancing the Resilience of eCommunication Networks

Published under Internet Infrastructure

The goal of this report is to help Members States to understand the importance of the Internet infrastructure within their borders with particular attention to critical assets and cross border interdependencies and work together with Internet operational actors to maintain the Internet globally coherent, secure and resilient. To pursue this goal, both the technical and organizational aspects were deepened and good practices were investigated. Based on the desktop research, survey and interviews, an initial step by step guide is proposed to understand the importance of the Internet infrastructure in each Member State. Moreover, considering the multistakeholder environment of the Internet, recommendations are proposed for Members States, providers of critical services and European Internet operational actors. The goal is to foster infrastructure security and resilience not only for securing European citizens but also the entire Internet.

Publication date: Dec 13, 2013

Rossella Mattioli
Thomas Haeberlen

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