• Governmental Clouds Security

    Public bodies are a key player in Cloud computing area as it offers scalability, elasticity, high performance, resilience and security, together with cost efficiency while in the same time it could enable and simplify citizen interaction with...

  • Cloud Procurement

    In the EU Cloud Strategy the European Commission issued in 2012,safe and fair contract terms is one of the most important pillars for Cloud Security. Service Level Agreements and procurement steps need to ensure a "healthy" relationship between the...

  • Incident Reporting

    The era of the NIS Directive, cloud computing comes to the foreground even more. Cloud services supporting essential services for the society (Finance, Health, Transport sectors) makes cloud provisions critical.

  • Risk Assessment

    The 2009 risk assessment is still one of the most downloaded papers on the ENISA website. At the same time, the cloud computing market and its customers have changed over time and this changes our perspective on cloud computing security. ENISA in...

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