Cyber Europe 2012

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In 2012 ENISA facilitated the second pan-European cyber Exercise.

The evaluation report of Cyber Europe 2010 as well as further policy documents, such as the Digital Agenda, and theCommission Communication on Critical Information Infrastructure Protection – "Achievements and next steps: towards global cyber-security" - COM(2011) 163 states that: “Cyber exercises are an important element of a coherent strategy for cyber incident contingency planning and recovery both at the national and European level. […] Such a plan should provide the baseline mechanisms and procedure for communications between Member States and, last but not least, support the scoping and organization of future pan-European exercises.” and “ENISA will work with Member States on the development of such a European cyber incident contingency plan by 2012. In the same timeframe, all Member States should develop regular national contingency plans and response and recovery exercises.”

Based on the above the Member States moved forward to organise the second pan European Exercise on CIIP - Cyber Europe 2012.

The exercise was more extensiveand more sophisticated, and was based on the experience and the recommendations of Cyber Europe 2010, and learning from the Cyber Atlantic 2011 exercise.

The Cyber Europe 2012 - Key Findings report is available here in all 23 official languages of the EU.