Train the trainer programme

The online training material and the Training Courses that are part of the 'Training Courses for Cyber Security Specialists' section, are all based on the 'Train the Trainer' philosophy.

The goal of the 'Train the Trainer' programme and philosophy is to develop further the network of trainers and to support better information exchange. This will serve multiple goals, such as:

  •     Sharing training material, thereby saving time and training costs;
  •     Creating regional training efforts;
  •     Fostering cooperation between different training providers;
  •     Promoting good training practices;
  •     Reducing competitiveness and duplication.

All of the online training material that can be found on this site will have a Trainers Handbook, a Students Toolset and Virtual Machines for download. This allows potential trainers to prepare the course and the Handbook will help them to guide the students through the course and it will contain cheat sheets, potential small tests that allow to check if the students have grasped the important lessons from the courses and also extra information or exercises that the Trainer can make the course more interesting or challenging.

Learning from each other’s success stories and mistakes enables both novice and experienced trainers to better design and deliver trainings and to make them more successful, more “fun” with better and longer lasting results.

More background information on this topic can be found in the ENISA good practice guide on training methodologies.

Beginning in 2023, ENISA is organizing a semiannual on-site Learning, Exercises and Training (Letra) event; as part of the 2023 European Year of Skills and the Cybersecurity Skills Academy. Two Letra weeks will be held annually - one in late spring/early summer and another in late autumn/early winter - with at least one event taking place at ENISA's location. These events are intended for public officials of the EU MS and the EU Institutions, Bodies and Agencies.

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