Informal Expert Group on ENISA Technical Trainings

ENISA launches this Call for Participation to invite experts to participate in its expert group.

As part of its efforts in supporting the development of Member States’ national incident response preparedness, ENISA offers a collection of CSIRT training material aimed at improving the skills of CSIRT teams and their personnel. ENISA regularly updates specific training resources in order to include content that is in line with current technologies and methodologies.

The updated material will help to reinforce Member States (MS) CSIRTs skills and capacities to help them efficiently manage cyber security events. This is in line with Output 3.1.1 of the ENISA 2019 Work Programme (Update and provide technical trainings for MS and EU bodies).

ENISA has launched a tender for updating CSIRT training material in the area of ‘Orchestration in CSIRT tooling’. The main goal of this updated training material is to help both new and more experienced incident response teams to deploy and configure a set of tools that will allow the automation of certain processes and the sharing of data between these tools in a harmonious way, so called “orchestration’.

The results of this are improved response times, better situational awareness, freeing up experts time from repetitive tasks so they can focus more on analyses , increased sharing of data with peers and a more efficient incident response cycle in general.

The intended target audience for the Updated CSIRT training material is primarily CSIRTs that want to carry out trainings to maintain and/or enhance their effectiveness. The training material should be tailored for teams that are focused on improving both their technical skills (setting up and configuring tools that will be interconnected in an orchestrated way) and improving their incident response procedures and performance (by integrating additional tools in their procedures and using them during their daily activities).

The training will have two main parts: the first one will focus on the tools, their setup and the element of organising the orchestration. In the second part the accent lies on demonstrating by means of use-cases how the setup can be used in an optimal way.

ENISA also wants to adapt its technical training material to be compatible with modern tools that have gained in popularity like eLearning Platforms (Moodle, Litmos...) but also wants to extend the potential lifespan of the training material that was created by going for a modular approach and easier customisation options.

The Informal Expert group on Technical Trainings should assist ENISA and its current and future Contractors with the current effort and with future Technical Training updates and similar initiatives.

For more information on the goal, composition and working methods of the Informal Expert group on Technical Trainings, please consult the Terms of Reference by clicking on the link below.

Experts of the group shall have technical background expertise and direct exposure on one or several of the following domains:

  • Providing technical trainings, preferably aimed at CSIRT and/or incident handling and response (IR) staff;
  • Developing technical trainings, preferably aimed at CSIRT and/or incident handling and response (IR) staff;
  • CISRT operations, tools and processes;
  • Development and/or orchestration of software tools aimed at CSIRT or IR teams.

Before applying please read the Terms of Reference and the Privacy Statement. Click here to apply.

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