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In 2020, European countries and the EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) planned and prepared to organise the 6th pan European cyber crisis exercise: Cyber Europe 2020 (CE2020). However, due to the global pandemic, Cyber Europe 2020 was postponed and will be executed during the summer of 2022. Thus, the name of the exercise has now changed to Cyber Europe 2022 (CE2022).

CE2022 is part of the bi-annual Cyber Europe series of exercises launched in 2010. The last exercise in the series, Cyber Europe 2018, involved more than 1000 participants from across Europe.

 The scenario

  • The Cyber Europe 2022 planners developed a scenario revolving around healthcare, which can include national/governmental CSIRTs, Cybersecurity Authorities, Ministries of Health, healthcare organisations (e.g. hospitals/clinics), eHealth service providers, and health insurance providers.
  • The scenario will contain real-life inspired technical incidents that can be analysed using forensic and malware analysis, open source intelligence, and of course also non-technical incidents.
  • The incidents will build-up into a major crisis at all levels: local, organisational, national, and European. Business continuity plans and crisis management procedures will be put to the test.

The exercise is organised for IT-security, business continuity and crisis management teams from the EU and EFTA Member States. You can participate by getting in contact with your competent national authority.

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