Cyber Europe 2014

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In 2014, ENISA organised with the EU Member States and Ece2014-LOGO-1FTA countries the third pan-European cyber exercise, Cyber Europe 2014. For the first time this exercise tested all three levels of incident response: technical, operational and strategic.

The largest and most comprehensive EU cybersecurity exercise to that date, CE2014 had three phases that collectively involved over 800 cybersecurity professionals from 29 EU and EFTA countries and 300 organisations.

During the first phase of the exercise, conducted on 28-29 April 2014, participants across Europe dealt with 16 different challenging technical cybersecurity incidents. The second phase of the exercise was held on 30 October 2014, 29 EU and EFTA countries cooperated by using the EU-Standard Operational Procedures (EU-SOPs) to establish a common situation picture. The third phase of CE2014, which took place on 24-25 February 2015, focused on strategic-level cyber crisis management.

More information can be found on the Evaluation Report, the Infographics poster that summarises the exericse, the Briefing Pack and the after action Video .
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