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Cyber Europe

Since 2010, ENISA is organising Cyber Europe, a series of cyber incident and crisis management exercises that features exciting scenarios, inspired by real-life events, and developed by European cybersecurity experts. Public and private sectors from EU and EEA countries together with European Institutions, Bodies and Agencies participate every two years, working together to strengthen their existing technical and operational capabilities.

Cyber Europe exercise is a two-days event that simulates large-scale cybersecurity incidents that escalate to cyber crises affecting the whole EU. Through this exercise, participants have the opportunity to analyse advanced technical cybersecurity incidents, deal with complex business continuity and crisis management situations requiring coordination and cooperation ranging from local to EU level. 

The Cyber Europe exercises series aim to enhance the preparedness of Europe to deal with large-scale cybersecurity incidents and crises by allowing to test and improve this preparedness EU-wide, build trust within the EU cybersecurity ecosystem and provide training opportunities to participants.

Participating at Cyber Europe is a great opportunity to:

  • Raise awareness of cyber issues (operational teams, Executive Committee);
  • Create and/or test cyber crisis management procedures;
  • Get to know each other better within the cyber response chain (internal and external);
  • Establish a common language and better understand each other;
  • Develop a range of individual and collective resilience skills and capabilities;
  • Analyse advanced technical cybersecurity incidents;
  • Deal with complex business continuity and crisis management situations

This is as well an opportunity to improve the response to cyber incidents at all levels; strategic, operational, technical, but also on a national and/or international scale, without the consequences of a real event.

More information about Cyber Europe editions can be found in the following links:

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