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The presented material can be used as a source of reference to existing legal frameworks. This is an inherent counterpart of initial phases of Risk Management / Risk Assessment where the applicable legal framework has to be identified (usually within the activity “Definition of External Environment”). It comprises one of the main parameters for the evaluation of impact of the assessed risks.

Furthermore, the presented material can be used by Member States to track national implementation status vis-à-vis existing international frameworks, as well as to reflect the status of transpositions of European directives and regulations. Upon the feedback we are going to receive in the future from interested parties (e.g. Member States, European stakeholders, European experts, organizations etc.), we are going to introduce a maintenance life-cycle for the presented material (e.g. expand it with additional normative texts, augment it with important national texts etc.). We expect that the flexible structure used for the compiled texts can be easily adapted to upcoming needs.

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