UN Guidelines

UN Guidelines concerning computerized personal data files of 14 December 1990

Published under Risk Management
Title: Guidelines for the Regulation of Computerized Personal Data Files, as adopted by General Assembly resolution 45/95 of 14 December 1990
Source reference: http://www.unhchr.ch/html/menu3/b/71.htm
Topic: Generic data processing activities using digital processing methods
Direct / indirect relevance Direct. The text directly prescribes a duty to assess security measures with regard to data processing and to take the required security precautions.
Scope: Nonbinding guideline to UN nations calling for national regulation in this field
Legal force: Not legally binding, neither to natural persons, legal entities or countries
Affected sectors: Generic data processing activities using digital processing methods
Relevant provision(s): 7. Principle of security

Appropriate measures should be taken to protect the files against both natural dangers, such as accidental loss or destruction and human dangers, such as unauthorized access, fraudulent misuse of data or contamination by computer viruses.
Relevance to RM/RA: The UN Guidelines are mostly of historical importance, as a background to more recent regulation, including (if not particularly) the aforementioned Privacy Directive.

None the less, the Guidelines are a summary statement of basic principles with regard to automated data processing.
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