Quality Assurance

Integration of Processes - Quality Assurance

Published under Risk Management

Review Plan

  • Review the above created documents and assure quality of the integration plan

Execute pilot

  • Execute a pilot for the integration (optional)

Improve process

  • Improve process integration and activities on basis of pilot results (also optional)

Prepare execution

  • Define timetable and plan for execution


Execute processes

  • Execute the Risk Management processes as part of the operational processes

Monitor process

  • Monitoring of processes, measuring of success, detection of problems

Support responsible staff

  • Provide support for staff which executes the processes

Constant improvement

  • Perform a constant improvement of processes


The activities in the process Execution are executed concurrently and usually do not have a determined end.

The above sketched process is to be interpreted as a framework which has to be customised according to the requirements of a concrete organisation. On the one hand, some activities may be omitted, on the other hand additional activities may be required. However, the framework gives a comprehensive overview of the basic activities which may occur in the course of a typical integration process.

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