Execution (process flow)

Implementation of Business Governance - Execution (process flow)

Published under Risk Management

The figure presents in an abstract from the components of the delivered process models for the generic Governance Framework implementation at the execution level. The structure of the figure follows that of conceptual representation and the contents are available in form of a model that is part of this deliverable.

Execution Process

The following processes were identified:

  • Monitor changes in Governance Frameworks –this process it is checks if Governance Frameworks regulations changed or new best practice information are available. If yes, it triggers the design phase.
  • Manage changes – major changes within the internal or external environment (e.g. entering new markets, introducing new products, etc.) might also trigger the design phase. These changes are monitored here.
  • Execute Internal Control System - For the detailed description of ICS design and execution process, please refer to ICS section.
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