Application Development Process

Published under Risk Management

The application development process used in the project for integration purposes is a generic heavy weight process, which is loosely based on the RUP (Rational Unified Process, see Operational IT Processes). RUP is developed and published by Rational, which was acquired by IBM in 2003. The application development process should be used as a framework which can be tailored according to the requirements of the user. It comprises a number of process steps including analysis, design, implementation, testing and deployment. These most commonly used process steps are typical for almost every heavy weight software development process and hence were selected as a basis for creating the process models.

The integration of an application development process with IT Risk Management ensures that on the one hand Risk Management receives valuable input from software development projects, thus contributing to the overall definition of IT Risk Management strategies. On the other hand, considering well defined Risk Treatment activity plans as an input to software development projects helps steering such projects and minimising the risk of failure.

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