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The Modelling Tool ADOit 3.0®

Published under Risk Management
ADOitADOit® 3.0 is a modelling tool which aims at supporting service management and architecture management by providing the means to illustrate, analyse and optimise service processes and IT infrastructures (see ENISA RM Framework). Additionally, predefined reference models according to ITIL and CobiT can be acquired for the tool, which may be used to support the adaptation and implementation of the best practice approaches. ADOit® is available in several languages (e.g. English and German). The figure shows a screenshot which displays the graphical user interface of ADOit®.

On the right hand side the modelling area (marked by the red 1 in the figure) is located. To its left is placed the model explorer (2). The explorer shows the model groups, which are used to organize the models. To the lower left the navigator (3), which shows an overview of the currently displayed model, is located. In the middle of the screen the vertical modelling toolbar with the available model elements is placed (4). Any of these tool bars and panels can be moved, resized and hidden according to the user’s preferences. Besides the modelling functionality, a number of analyses on models, process simulation, the generation of HTML and Word documents as well as various import/export options are implemented in the tool. Additionally, the meta-modelling approach allows for an easy customisation of the modelling concepts including analyses on the models etc. with respect to the user’s requirements.


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