Inventory of Business and IT Continuity Methods

Published under Risk Management

ENISA has generated an inventory of Business and IT Continuity methods considering a total of 16 methods. Each method in the inventory has been described through a template. This template allows for the detailed description of the method taking into account the following view points:

  • General information,
  • Identification of the provided coverage of the BCM processes’ activities,
  • Business continuity controls supported by the method,
  • Scope of application and
  • Users view point.

The methods considered have been assessed by ENISA and Glen Abbot LTD. in Q3 2008, but the list is by no means to be considered exhaustive. Especially due to the fact that during the assessment process there where already more methods under development. However, as the inventory is an open list, additional methods will be included in the future. For this purpose, ENISA has developed a process for submission of additional methods through standardization bodies/vendors, etc., as well as a process to update existing inventory entries.

The Inventory of Business and IT Continuity methods has been discontinued.
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