Assign BCM Responsibilities

Published under Risk Management

The senior management team should appoint or nominate a person with appropriate seniority and authority to be accountable for BCM policy and implementation and appoint one or more individuals to deliver and maintain the BCM programme.

Essentially, responsibility for the implementation and ongoing day to day management of the Business Continuity project is undertaken by two teams; the Business Continuity Management Team and the Business Continuity Steering Committee.

In addition to it, specific teams will be appointed to deal with incidents, as described in Assign Incident Teams Section.

The team structures proposed in the following paragraphs to steer and deliver the Business Continuity Project, derived from some leading standards, better suit the need of larger organisations as in smaller organisations many roles and responsibilities may be bundled together and covered by fewer teams/people. This holds true also for the teams in charge of operations following an incident (see Section Assign Incident Teams).


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