Incident Response Plan

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The Incident Response Plan is concerned with the immediate aftermath of an incident and is primarily concerned with keeping people safe. This plan would normally be written by Health and Safety and Security with assistance from the Business Continuity Manager, but ICT and IS should ensure that there is a plan, especially if they are the sole occupants of a building.

The Incident Response Plan should give details of:

  • The structure of the Incident Response Team
  • Members of the Emergency Response Team
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Incident Response Team
  • Muster Points
  • Decision making process and escalation

In addition the Incident Response Plan should detail procedures to:

  • Evacuate the building or shelter in site (“invacuate”)
  • Move evacuated staff to a safe site
  • Liaise with the emergency services
  • Stabilise the situation immediately following a incident
  • Communicate with people affected by the incident or impending incident – this may include the public and neighbours
  • Mobilisation of first aid, safety and evacuation assistance teams
  • Account for those who were on site or in the immediate vicinity
  • Locate safe site including details for accessing it
  • Incident Room location and details for accessing it
  • Interact with external agencies and regulatory authorities
  • Ensure security or personnel, information and physical premises
  • Assess the situation
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