Ad-Hoc Working Group on Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity

On this page you can find the ongoing work of the Ad-hoc Working Group, supporting ENISA in the process of building knowledge on Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity.

As stipulated in Regulation (EU) 2019/881, Art. 20, the Executive Director of the EU Agency for Cybersecurity may set up ad hoc working groups composed of experts, including experts from the Member States’ competent authorities, where necessary and within ENISA’s objectives and tasks. Ad hoc working groups provide ENISA with specific advice and expertise. Prior to setting up an ad hoc working group, the Executive Director of ENISA shall inform the agency’s Management Board.

The members of the ad hoc working groups are selected according to the highest standards of expertise, aiming to ensure appropriate balance according to the specific issues in question, between the public administrations of the Member States, the Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies, and the private sector, including industry, users, and academic experts in network and information security.

Along these lines, ENISA seeks to interact with a broad range of stakeholders for the purpose of collecting input on:

AI security; AI cybersecurity challenges; AI asset taxonomy; dataset security; AI Cyber Threat Intelligence; AI threat landscape; AI risk management; AI algorithmic security; data security in relation to AI; sectorial AI expertise; security measures; recommendations; applicable standards; relevant EU policies; AI trustworthiness; explainability and verification of AI; related technological fields.

The membership to these groups is foreseen to pursue broad representation across stakeholders’ communities.


Composition of the Working Group

In March 2020, ENISA launched a call for an Ad Hoc Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI) cybersecurity  to bring together a multi-disciplinary group of experts. The scope of this ad hoc working group is to advise ENISA on cybersecurity topics related to Artificial Intelligence. Full Terms of Reference can be found in the Terms of Reference - AI Working Group. The call for expression of interest is now closed.

The preliminary estimate of the duration of the ad hoc working group is for up to one (1) calendar year from the kick off date of this working group; extension of the mandate of this ad hoc working group is possible, should the scope of the work is not completed in one (1) year.

The group mandate expired on 2 June 2023 and the group is no longer active.

List of appointed Members

List of appointed Observers


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