CSIRT Maturity Framework

This section gives recommendations for CSIRTs on how to improve, mature and be better prepared to protect their constituencies.

Published under CSIRT Maturity

Maturity evaluation consists of two main assets:logo maturity

  • ENISA CSIRT maturity framework  – The maturity framework is based on Security Incident management Maturity Model (SIM3) which is a community driven effort to measure maturity of CSIRT. ENISA CSIRT maturity framework is taking into account requirements of relevant EU policies (e.g. NISD).  The framework consists of three tier approach of CSIRT capabilities across Organizational, Human, Tools and Processes parameters. All parameters are evaluated in order to determine level of maturity (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced). 

  • ENISA maturity framework for CSIRTs - The ENISA CSIRT Maturity framework consists of two main parts:
Both parts have been identified as indispensable elements for successful and full-fledged evaluation process. Self assessment survey could be done using this online assessment tool. Peer review is a process during which CSIRTs can evaluate each other based on described methodology within parameters of maturity assessment model.

It is suggested that the reader gets familiar with the baseline capabilities for CSIRTs documentation and maturity evaluation studies at first before advancing to the assessment itself.

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