International Cybersecurity Challenge - FAQ

ICC- Frequently Asked Questions

Please identify the region that you represent and follow their news here:

You may request further instructions and express your interest by following the appropriate links. 

Why should I participate

The International Cybersecurity Challenge grands you the opportunity to train with your regional best candidates and if successful, meet the world’s best cybersecurity talent in the final. You will have the chance to collaborate and network with cybersecurity experts, enhance your skills by participating in a series of challenges and stimulate your career and job opportunities by meeting industry leading organisations. In the ICC, you will meet the avant-garde of tomorrow’s leaders in cybersecurity.

Where is the ICC hosted?

ICC 2023 is taking place in San Diego, USA at Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines.

How many teams partake in the ICC

ICC 2023 will host up to ten teams from around the world, comprising more than 70 countries.

Will there be press coverage?

For press related enquires regarding Team Europe please contact [email protected]. For IC3 press enquires please follow the link here:

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