Ad-Hoc Working Group on the European Cybersecurity Skills Framework (2020-2022)

Information on the Ad-Hoc Working Group which supported ENISA in the process of creating a European Cybersecurity Skills Framework, in the period 2020-2022.

Scope of the Working Group

The scope of the ad hoc working group was to advise and aid ENISA in developing a European Cybersecurity Skills Framework, which permits a common understanding of the roles, competencies, skills and knowledge used by individuals, employers and training providers across the EU Member States. Furthermore, to raise awareness by identifying those gaps in the cybersecurity landscape that can be bridged with the creation of a common European Cybersecurity Skills Framework.

Composition of the Working Group

In July 2020, ENISA launched a call for an Ad Hoc Expert Group on Cybersecurity Skills Framework with the aim to promote harmonization in the ecosystem of cybersecurity education, training, and workforce development and to develop of a common European language in the cybersecurity skills context.

The ED DECISION No 55/2020 of the Executive Director of 5 November 2020 has established the ad-hoc group and the lists of selected candidates for membership.

This AHWG completed its mandate with the successful delivery of the ECSF and its user manual.

List of appointed Members

First Name Surname Affiliation
Agata BEKIER Dow
Vladlena BENSON Cyber Security Innovation Partnership Aston University
Jutta BREYER Breyer publico consulting and CEN expert contracting
Sara GARCIA INCIBE - Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute
Markku KORKIAKOSKI Netox Ltd
Csaba KRASZNAY National University of Public Service
Haralambos MOURATIDIS Stockholm University and University of Brighton
Christina GEORGHIADOU Eurobank Cyprus
Nineta POLEMI University of Pireaus
Paresh RATHOD Laurea University of Applied Sciences Finland
Antonio SANNINO Procter Gamble
Fred VAN NOORD Van Noord Consultancy
Richard WIDH Ancautus AB

List of appointed Observers

First Name Surname Affiliation
Nina OLESEN European Cyber Security Organization (ECSO)
Jan HAJNY Sparta -  pilot project of the research competence network


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