The Cybersecurity Policy Observatory supports evidence-based policy making throughout the policy development lifecycle

Policy Observatory

The Cybersecurity Policy Observatory (CSPO) has been established to serve as a structured framework for the observation of policy and as a systematic mechanism to review, assess and anticipate developments in EU cybersecurity policy. The CSPO operates on a service-based approach and intends to support evidence-based policy making by providing policy-makers with timely advice, data and opinions to support policy decisions. The CSPO builds on ENISA's experience in contributing to policy development and implementation and leverages the plethora of sources available to ENISA for data collection and processing.

The CSPO objectives are to support evidence-based policy making by:

  • Supporting the assessment of the effectiveness of the existing policy framework;
  • Supporting the European Commission and MSs in the policy development stages for various policy files;
  • Providing evidence to support or inform policy decisions;
  • Continuously monitoring cybersecurity policy developments;
  • Providing a platform for policy discussions on new policy areas.
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